September Coaching Nuggets

Before we get to the best stuff I’ve come across in the month of September, I’d like to bring your attention to an issue that is very important to me. My good friend Martin Bahar lost his sister, Maddie, in February 2009 at the young age of 25 after succumbing to a battle with plasma-cell leukemia. Since Maddie’s passing, “Maddie’s Team” has raised OVER $150,000 to fight blood cancer. Next Saturday (October 8th) will be the annual “Light The Night” with Maddie’s team walking in Rockville, Maryland.

It is my hope that this website has served as a resource to you and your program. If this is the case, before continuing to my monthly nuggets post, I ask you to make a small donation of $10 to Maddie’s cause to raise funds to fight blood cancer. The link to make a donation is HERE. Additionally, I have a set of notes from a clinic Brad Stevens presented at in his final spring at Butler before moving onto the NBA that I have not posted on the set. Anyone who donates $10 or more will receive a PDF of the Brad Stevens clinic notes to the email address in which they make the donation. Thank you for your time.

Now to the best stuff I’ve come across the last month or so…

-Larry Brown: Don’t run to a back on offensive rebounds. Get to a side-by-side situation.
-Jerry Sloan: Put your best defender on their worst player and allow him to rover a bit and give help to others. Allow him to use his instincts.
-Jared Grasso (Iona College): Ask yourself as you go into your season, “How many of our guys will shoot 35% from three and make 40+?” Keep this in question in mind as you formulate your recruiting.
***MORE ON THIS: 26 teams in Division I had 4 players or more that fit this formula during the 2015-16 season. The average offensive efficiency of these 26 teams was 110.1 (D1 average: 103.6) with the teams averaging 22 wins each. 15 of the 26 teams ranked in the top 2 in their league in offensive efficiency.
-Will Wade (VCU): Have your players rank their teammates by work ethic. Post the results in the locker room.
-Tim Corbin (Vanderbilt Baseball): Standards are for those who aspire for something great. Rules are for people who struggle to follow (players) or for people who struggle to make decisions (coaches/management).
-Brad Stevens (Celtics): When running traditional shuffle/stagger action, don’t have corner player (coming off the stagger) wait for the shuffle screener. Have him cut towards the top as soon as the shuffle screen happens. Action becomes shuffle/single down screen. Action runs quicker and becomes tougher to guard (first screen in stagger doesn’t accomplish much and takes too long)
Screen Shot 2016-09-10 at 12.28.28 PM
-Jeff Van Gundy: Your best player has to set the tone, without question. If he doesn’t do that, then it has to be the head coach. But it’s better if the player has it.
-Bob McKillop: I’m looking for three things in a recruit…(1) Can he shoot? (2) Is he tough? (3) Does he have basketball IQ?
-Archie Miller, Dayton: We are boring with our shooting drills. We use the same ones over and over so our players are able to see progress and can assess themselves as they go. I know some of you guys might have a shortage of personnel, but it is so important to chart and record your players’ shooting numbers. You need to be able to show them their progress (much like you would do in the weight room). I have a file that shows me what Kendall Pollard has made in every shooting drill he has ever done at Dayton.
-Chris Caputo, Miami: Body positioning cleans up a lot defensively. Simply being in the right spot can make you a significantly better defensive player (or team). A lot of fouls come from being out of position.

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