“What Do You Look For in a Recruit?”

Linked below is a good article from the New York Times where they asked successful coaches from a variety of sports what they look for in a recruit. Among the coaches who answered were Nick Saban, Gene McCabe (Washington & Lee Lacrosse), Jeremy Gunn (Stanford Men’s Soccer), and Tracey Bartholomew (Columbia Women’s Soccer). Some really good stuff in here for all athletes and coaches.

I tell my players to focus on what you have to do to succeed rather than the result itself. This is true if you want to climb Mount Everest, be the president of IBM or play for Alabama. I ask them: what are your goals, what do you hope to accomplish, and how is your behavior now helping you accomplish those goals? Whether we win or lose, there are technical aspects for every player, things that they did well and things that they did poorly. My focus is on improvement. One game doesn’t define success — it’s momentary. It’s about consistency and performance.


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