Beilein’s Unique Recruiting Approach

I really enjoyed the article posted below on the University of Michigan’s unique recruiting approach under John Beilein. The process in which Michigan recruits is radically opposed to how the majority of high-major programs recruit/evaluate/offer in today’s recruiting climate. There’s really good stuff in here about Michigan’s systematic way of evaluating a prospect that requires patience from both parties as Beilein’s staff takes the time to get to know the player as a person, encourages the player to visit campus and makes sure to get Coach Beilein to see the prospect play in-person.

When presented with the notion that Michigan’s tactics are different, he retorted: “I hear you say that and I hear people say that — I don’t think it’s that different. I don’t think it’s different. We don’t offer a scholarship without knowing a kid.”

That’s because Beilein views scholarships as “quite an investment,” which is, in fact, different than other programs. In the age of mass player transfers and, as Michigan has come to know, early entries to the draft, many programs are clearly recruiting to build teams on a year-to-year basis. Some lean heavily on one-and-done prospects. Others pocket scholarships to pursue transfers and, notably, one-and-done grad transfers. Others proceed with a combination of all the above, turning over their rosters like films on a movie marquee.

Beilein? He still recruits with an eye on rosters two, three years down the road.

“We’re building a team,” he told MLive. “We’re not amassing talent.”


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