Atlanta Hawks “Loop” Specials

Embedded below is one of the best videos my guy @HalfCourtHoops has put together recently. In this vid, he broke down the various things the Hawks run out of their “Loop” series (zipper cut) under Mike Budenholzer. More Zipper/Hawks links are beneath the video.

For more stuff out of the Loop/Zipper series:
-San Antonio’s “Loop” series (LINK)
-Brad Stevens’ “Zipper” series (LINK)
-New Orleans Pelicans’ “Zipper Keep Throwback” run this summer (LINK)

For more on the Hawks:
-Atlanta’s weakside flare action (LINK)
-Bud’s misdirection series for Korver (LINK)
-Paul Millsap/Kyle Korver invert pick & roll (LINK)
-Two ‘Pops’ shaped Budenholzer’s path to success (LINK)
-Paul Millsap’s “Post Deep” special (LINK)
-Atlanta’s “Rip Special” (LINK)

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