From Undrafted to $70 Million

Linked below is an article written by Kent Bazemore for Yahoo’s The Vertical. Bazemore walks you through his journey from not hearing his name called in the 2012 NBA Draft to inking a 4-year, $70 million contract with the Atlanta Hawks earlier this month. I thought this was a terrific article to pass onto your players because many of the themes Bazemore discusses are transferrable to any level of play (or sport for that matter).

Some themes I took away from Bazemore’s story: the importance of coming early/staying late, using video to get better, bringing positive energy to the locker room, focusing on what he did at a high level, seeing his assignment to the D-League as an opportunity not as a demotion, and his willingness to change the mechanics of his shot at the suggestion of Atlanta’s coaching staff.


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