June Coaching Nuggets

Brandon Bailey, Boston Celtics: As a defender on a no-middle team that gets beat towards the middle of the floor, it is very important to not reach for steals and instead work to try to get a body in front of the driver to attempt to turn it into a flat drive (best case scenario) or at least turn it into a tough 1-on-1 two-point shot. By getting your body in front, it allows your teammates to inch out and protect the 3-point line.
Bill Parcells, NFL: As a young manager I was much more confrontational, more distracted, paid attention to things that I learned weren’t quite so important. As I became more of a veteran manager, I eliminated things I knew didn’t make any difference.
Stan Van Gundy, Detroit Pistons: As a coach if you’re going to be really demanding and hold players accountable, you need to hold yourself accountable. If you don’t, then it’s not holding people accountable: It’s just blaming people.
Mike Brey, Notre Dame: If the post is fronted, it’s an automatic drive baseline from the wing.
Don Meyer, Lipscomb/Northern State: It’s not what you know, it’s what you can teach. As you grow older, it’s about consolidating what you know to what your team can take in.
Richard Barron, UMaine WBB: The more you eliminate helpside (by keeping the ball in the middle of the floor + the shooting ability of your personnel situated off the ball), the more open the basket is.
Josh Schertz, Lincoln Memorial: Basketball is a fight for space. In this fight, we’re looking for two things: shooting (to create space offensively) and defensive versatility (to give us the ability to switch and take the offense’s spacing away).
Chris Mack, Xavier: Our rules in transition are not to handcuff, but rather to organize (transition is one of the areas that Xavier will try to get “cheap buckets” along with offensive rebounds and BLOB plays).
Brian Adams, Los Angeles Clippers: Being able to play through your bigs can really elevate your offense (treating your big as a “hub”). He doesn’t need to be Draymond Green, but can he be Mason Plumlee? Can we reverse the ball through him to DHO/sprint into a ball screen?
Michael Lombardi, New England Patriots: Coaching ISN’T criticism. I’m coaching you, not criticizing you. Coaches: Break down that barrier for your players where they’ll take that information in knowing your goals and objectives are pure for their own success.

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