Golden State Warriors Reading List

Below are several articles/posts about the Golden State Warriors who have a chance tonight to win their second consecutive NBA Championship.

General Links
-The birth of the Warriors’ death lineup + a look at NBA lineup efficiency work (LINK)
-How Steve Kerr’s refusal to go soft on the Warriors paid off (LINK)
-Inside the Warriors offensive philosophy (see embedded PDF below)

-SI profile of Warriors GM Bob Myers (LINK)
-The education of Steph Curry (LINK)

X’s and O’s:
-Inverted Pick & Roll with Draymond as the ball-handler (LINK)
-Ron Adams clinic notes (LINK)
-Warriors go-to set with their small ball lineup (LINK)
-How the Warriors attack switching (LINK)
-Warriors 1-2 pick & roll with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson (LINK)

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