Favorite Coaching Resources

Listed below are several of my favorite coaching resources that I’ve been using over the last several months:

-The “Basketball Fundamentals” playlist on the FIBA YouTube channel has a ton of great clinics. In the majority of these clinics, an interpreter joins the coach on the court which slows the content. 100+ clinics, really good content. For a list of my favorite YouTube channels for coaches, click HERE.

-Drew Hanlen is producing some really good content for sale on his Pure Sweat Basketball site. I have both the “Competitive Shooting Challenges” and the “Decision Making Drill Book” (selling for $40 each) and both are really good (LINK)

-Two coaches newsletters I’m really enjoying: The new staff at Oklahoma State is doing a really good job with their “Play of the Week.” To get on their list, email stephen.gentry@okstate.edu. Brook Kohlheim (assistant coach for FAU Women’s Basketball) sends a Friday newsletter that is full of great links, clinic notes, and videos. To subscribe, email brookkohlheim@gmail.com. One more recommendation: Mike Neighbor’s newsletter brings great stuff each week.

-Coaching U’s $99 “Streaming Pass” is a great deal. For a hundred bucks, you get access to their entire summer 2015 clinic library. CLICK HERE to sign up. I have posted notes from Stan Van Gundy’s Coaching U appearance as well as Erik Spoelstra’s.

What Drives Winning is a website I stumbled on a couple of months that is full of great coaching videos presented in the style of a Ted Talk. Sue Enquist’s “Fear and Failure” talk is tremendous (LINK).

-For any Division 1 coaches getting ready to hit the road recruiting next month, I think you should check out the work the analytical work the guys at Group Stats are doing with the EYBL, Adidas Gauntlet, and UAA circuits. Evaluating prospects through the lens of advanced stats has been called “the next frontier of analytics” by Ken Pomeroy. To find out more about the GS Scouting Service, CLICK HERE.

-Four podcasts I enjoyed: Tony Bennett sits down with Brendan Suhr for Coaching U (LINK), Chris Caputo’s appearance on the Pure Sweat Baskeball Show (LINK), Sam Presti joins Adrian Wojnarowski on The Vertical Podcast (LINK) and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone chats wit Dan Pink on Office Hours (LINK).

-Some of you have emailed asking me what books I’m currently reading. Below is my summer reading list that I started in May (not pictured: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight and my annual re-read of The Score Takes Care of Itself by Bill Walsh).

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