Cubs Learning How to Win

Linked below is a tremendous article on the red-hot Cubs who are on a torrid pace in MLB’s first-half. Joe Maddon is one of my favorite coaches to study and he has some terrific coaching points in the piece. The stuff on Maddon embracing the individuality of the different personalities really reminded me of Pete Carroll’s approach with the Seattle Seahawks. Maddon’s philosophy (along with Carroll’s) marks a much different coaching method than the traditional one that mandates “one size fits all.”

“He lets guys be themselves,” Ross says. “And here’s why that’s a big thing. As I look back [on other teams], the biggest problem you sometimes get is when you want everybody to be in the same mold — to be this person or that person, or play a certain way because ‘this is the way we play.’ But not everybody fits that mold. Joe has the ability to let guys be themselves and manage around that.”


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