Steve Kerr Q&A

I’ve resisted posting much Golden State stuff (outside of last month’s New York Times Magazine profile) because I feel the team’s organizational structure has been covered so thoroughly by the national media outlets. I made an exception for the article linked below because I think it illustrates some aspects of Steve Kerr’s coaching that we haven’t been able to see much of. I thought there was some terrific coaching/management insight in his regrets for how things went in Phoenix (his line about an organization needing to be bonded when faced with pressure is really good).

It’s not so much plays that we necessarily put in, it’s when the players execute something perfectly, even if it’s not. … They do some stuff on their own, and that’s maybe when I get the most pleasure. All of us on the staff. It’s the concepts that you’re trying to introduce, just passing and moving and cutting, all those things that we’re constantly talking about. When we get a possession where the ball moves seven times, and it’s not even a play, but it moves seven times, and one makes a backdoor cut that the defense responds to, then on the other side, because the defense has rotated to cover that backdoor cut, somebody pins down, and Klay pops up and gets an open shot. It’s like, “Oh, my god!” It’s like the heavens opening up, like this is what it’s all about. That’s when it’s awesome as a staff, to see all that stuff that you’re trying to implement and trying to get across, when it comes to fruition. It’s a great feeling.


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