OKC Thunder X’s & O’s

Embedded below are a series of videos showing the best sets the Oklahoma City Thunder have been running this postseason. The top 3 videos are from my YouTube channel while the fourth one comes from @HalfCourtHoops who is a terrific Twitter follow and has an awesome YouTube channel (see beneath the videos for other YouTube channels I like).




Favorite YouTube channels:
-Halfcourt Hoops: great NBA X’s & O’s (LINK)
-Evan Orzolek: good set breakdowns throughout college and NBA (LINK)
-Jeff Parriott: breakdowns of various NCAA teams (LINK)
-Adam Spinella: ton of NBA/NCAA offensive breakdowns (LINK)
-Greg Youncofski: University of Cincinnati video coordinator posts really good NBA X’s & O’s stuff (LINK)
-Michael Bowden: great NCAA breakdown videos (LINK)
-John Zall: Love his “crunchtime videos” (LINK)
-Bball Breakdown: just a ton of good NBA analysis (LINK)
-Coach Daniel: does a nice job breaking down NBA offensive systems (LINK)
-Lucas Shapiro: video wiz just finishing up at University of Missouri (LINK)
-John Leonzo: GREAT individual development stuff (LINK)
-Basketball Immersion: Chris Oliver is one of my favorite “hoop thinkers” (LINK)
-Basketball Pros Workouts: good spot for skill development vids (LINK)

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