NBA Pick & Roll D 101 (Updated)

Indiana Pacers v Cleveland Cavaliers
Linked below is a set of 4 videos Cleveland Cavaliers assistant coach Phil Handy did with trying to explain the team’s ball screen coverage package. The 4 videos are loaded with good teaching points and give you a glimpse of the sophistication of pick and roll defense in the NBA. Big thanks to Chris Oliver of Basketball Immersion for sharing.


Ball-Handler’s Defender

-Keep ball squared
-Get into ball handler’s body
-At point of screen, skinny up and fight over the top of the pick

Screener’s Defender

-LEO Communication: loud, early, often
-“Strong” = screen coming up the right / “Weak” = screen coming up the left
-Trap: laterally move to pick great player (Steph Curry) to pick up his dribble
-Drop: corral the ball-handler and don’t let the roll man get behind you
-Show: make the ball handler veer out. Impact the ball and make it go away from the basket. Recover with high hands in the passing lane to make the pass difficult

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