“Cardinal Way”

Mark Saxon’s ESPN.com article offers a glimpse into the clubhouse culture that has developed in St. Louis under Cardinals manager Mike Matheny. I wish the author had gotten into how Matheny (and management) cultivate the desired behavior beyond bringing in strong veteran leadership, but I think the article offers a strong reminder to coaches they must be monitoring what is going on in their locker room and understand the impact it has on what happens on the playing surface.

“When Albert [Pujols] or [Chris Carpenter] walked through the room, everybody sat up straight, making sure they’re not sitting around doing nothing,” Wainwright said. “They’d grab a shoe and act like they’re shining it or be like, ‘I need to be in the weight room.’ You didn’t want to be seen sitting around as a young guy and doing nothing. Hopefully, guys are comfortable, but they know this is a place of work most of the time.”


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