April Coaching Nuggets

Ben Jacobsen, Northern Iowa: Our positioning is our help (gaps). If we have to move to the dribble, we cannot get back to the shooter. You cannot move into help and out to recovery. Our off-ball positioning starts us in help and then we move out to recovery.
Rick Majerus, former Utah head coach: The best way to guard ball screens is to change the way you’re guarding ball screens. Don’t keep giving them the same look.
Shaka Smart, Texas: You can manage guys for eligibility or you can coach them for graduation. I think it’s very important for us (as college coaches) to do the latter.
Jay Wright, Villnova: We’ve spent more time talking to our players about how to handle this than we did the [early NCAA Tournament] failures. Because if you’re going to say during the failures that we’re not going to judge ourselves by what we do in the tournament, we can’t say now we’re the greatest thing in the world.
Jim Harbaugh, Michigan Football: Build it the way you believe in. Not what you think someone else wants. They’ll run you out either way.
Martin Ingelsby, Notre Dame: If it was up to Brey, Notre Dame would never run a play. It would be post feed and play every trip.
Tobin Anderson, St. Thomas Aquinas: If you’re going to press, you’re going to find yourself in a ton of “3-on-2 + a chaser” situations. Even if you’re creating turnovers with your press, you can’t be giving up layups. The “3-on-2 + a chaser” is what you give up by pressing.
Steve Pikiell, Rutgers: The previous game’s leading rebounder chooses the music played during warmups for all practices leading up to the next game.
Jere Quinn, St. Thomas More: Isn’t the whole goal of all of this [recruiting] to find a place where you’re going to be really successful? [regarding the trend of kids “transferring up”]
Chris Petersen, Washington Football: Focus on these three things: recruiting, teaching, connecting. Recruit, teach, connect every damn day!
Tom Crean, Indiana: We tell recruits that we’re going to obsessed with your weaknesses, you have to obsessed too. During practices/workouts: weaknesses; During games: strengths. The key is going into the game and understanding, ‘How do I impact my team in a positive way?”

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