What Mark Few Looks for in Players

Below is a good article produced by CBS Sports back in November on Gonzaga’s recruiting class that has some good insight from Mark Few on Gonzaga’s culture and the kind of person/player they are looking for. A huge part of evaluation process in any program is identifying the prospect’s work ethic and character. I loved Mark Few’s comments about players “that value what we value.” I thought Few’s comments regarding transfers was very succinct as well.

“We try to get the type of people who value what we’re all about,” Few said while being unable to discuss specific unsigned players due to NCAA regulations. “We’re about winning, and we’re not caught up in the frills of crazy marble staircases. We have adequate, really nice facilities but we’re not going to go over the top and spoil our guys. We’re about guys who really value coming in, being a part of a team, and wanting to win at the highest level of college basketball, then moving on to the next level. The guys who really, really value that — winning, going to the NCAA Tournament, hard work, and development — succeed here.”

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