“The Next Frontier of Analytics”

Ty Lawson and Victor Oladipo All American Camp

Ethan Levy (Nylon Calculus): Have you looked at projecting players out of high school into college?

Ken Pomeroy: That’s the next frontier of analytics at the college level. There is a proliferation of elite AAU events where they’re keeping stats. There’s a decent trove of data out there to be analyzed and used for projection. Now there’s a legitimate data set to use to make your decisions. Obviously, for teams like Kentucky and Duke, that’s pretty useless – you can identify who the top players are, you don’t need stats to help you out. For some of these programs that traditionally struggle, I think there’s some good work to be done there to find hidden gems.

Hearing Ken Pomeroy’s commentary on the role analytics could play in recruiting, I wanted to pass along some of the work that Group Stats is doing with the EYBL as well as the UAA and the Adidas Gauntlet series. Auburn used the company’s work to identify Jared Harper in the summer before his junior high school season (long before he was lauded as the Top 100 prospect he is today). To contact Group Stats, email JohnOlita@group-stats.com or call John Olita at 631-897-7362.

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