How Brey Built Notre Dame (Repost)

I liked this article from CBS Chicago on the program Mike Brey has built at Notre Dame. Some really good stuff on their emphasis in recruiting, player development, ND’s rigorous academic workload, and relationship-building. I particularly like how Brey’s staff has embraced the high academic standards of Notre Dame rather than griping about the recruiting challenges they bring.

What’s made Brey’s program sustain success is the way he keeps reloading with the same kind of player.
“Our pool to pick from is small,” Brey said. “I’ve never tricked anybody into coming to Notre Dame. Up front, (I’ll say) the school is hard. So, if you’re not interested in that, it’s not going to work. But the kids we’ve gotten have wanted to compete in the classroom as much as the basketball court. They’ve been steady, stable, solid guys. And that’s helped us stay together as a team and a program from year to year.”