Dane Fife on Working for Izzo

Great piece on Michigan State assistant coach Dane Fife on a number of topics including being recruited by/playing for Bob Knight, working for Tom Izzo, and the nature of recruiting in college basketball today. His answer (excerpted below) on what the biggest thing he has learned from Izzo is so succinct.

From a head coaching perspective, there’s a certain way to manage a program. Sometimes with vigor, sometimes with a tender touch. But nonetheless, a coach has to have the pulse of his program. In fact, a coach has to have the pulse on every aspect of his program — from the managers, to the secretary, to recruiting, to how people view his program, to how his players’ parents view his program. And that pulse is important. It allows you to make adjustments. And it’s become CEO-like. That’s really how I view coach Izzo, he’s a CEO. He’s the ultimate manager of the program. Oh yeah, and then he has to coach.


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