Brad Stevens on Lineup Analytics

Really good article from the Boston Globe on Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens. I loved Stevens’ insights on different lineup combinations and how he distributes minutes. Lineup analytics are the rage right now in the NBA which is part of the reason why I so deeply believe in the work that the guys at Group Stats are doing in the college game. Group Stats is a client-based service that breaks down your box scores to deliver accurate lineup efficiency data.

For much of this offseason, Stevens was focused on what he calls his “non-negotiables,” the areas of critical importance that will not change, regardless of the personnel on the court — defending the pick-and-roll in the middle of the floor, for example. He also studied what worked and what did not during the final three minutes of games last season.

As the Celtics’ roster took shape, with forwards David Lee and Amir Johnson and three draft picks joining an established core, two essential questions emerged.

Who would play? And, perhaps more important, who would play together?


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