The Evolution of the Point Guard

Really enjoyed this piece by Bruce Arthur on Steve Nash’s thoughts on what Stephen Curry is doing this season. Great points by Nash on the evolution of the point guard position and how Curry is really pushing the envelope in regards to shot-making/skill.

Nash loves something else about watching Curry, too. Like Nash, Curry was barely a scholarship prospect. Like Nash, he went to a small school. Like Nash, people wondered if he could survive in the NBA — was he big enough, strong enough, athletic enough and in Curry’s case, could he be a point guard?

“I see the journey,” says Nash.

Nash looks at Curry and sees a player whose legs have gotten so much stronger, which helped his troublesome ankles, his balance, his ability to create space and get to spots. He sees the growing confidence and determination. He sees a young man whose feet are underneath him, even when they’re not.


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