Seth Curry’s Journey

I enjoyed this article by Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated on Seth Curry, the younger brother of Steph Curry (and the son of Dell Curry). Good stuff on how Curry has fought through injuries and the stigma of being not as good as his MVP brother to make his childhood dream a reality (Seth signed with the Kings last month). Might be a good article to pass along to any of your players experiencing any kind of external pressures (comparisons, high expectations, etc.)

The backyard battles he couldn’t win; the biased crowds he couldn’t convert; the hamstring he strained when he should have been collecting scholarship offers and the shin he rehabbed when he should have been conducting draft workouts; the winters in Santa Cruz, Calif., and Erie, Pa., that wouldn’t end, the calls from Europe and Asia that wouldn’t stop, the 10-day contracts in Cleveland and Phoenix that weren’t renewed; the night he played his first NBA game with the Grizzlies—and was waived on the bus an hour later; the night he hit his first NBA basket over James Harden—still his only bucket.


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