Final 2015 Coaching Nuggets

NCAA Basketball Tournament - LIU Brooklyn v Michigan State
I got a chance to spend some time talking/studying some some great coaches over the past month or so. Below are the favorite things I stole.

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Joe Maddon, Chicago Cubs Manager: When he thinks his players are feeling pressure, he tries to distract them
What LeBron learned from Pat Riley: What’s the main thing? Because the main thing has to be the main thing.
Jeff Van Gundy, former Houston Rockets Head Coach: Your system is tied directly to the abilities of your players (if you’re doing it right). Anyone that tries to tell you that the system is more important than the players is crazy. Your system has to be tailored to your best players.
Craig Counsell, Milwaukee Brewers Manager: Never neglect teaching young players the “Why.” Don’t just teach them how, develop their sport-specific intelligence by teaching them the reason you do what you do.
Steve Donahue, Penn Head Coach: The big should get a body into his defender on a DHO. It’s that late little step into the defender that gets him out of position and makes him trail the ball-handler.
John Calipari, Kentucky Head Coach: Your role as a “Shooter” means that you owe it to your teammates to be staying after 30 minutes each practice to get shots up.
Jeff Neubauer, Fordham Head Coach: Run your set plays for your secondary players. Your stars should get their share of shots within your offense. Use sets/pet plays to work a mismatch with a role player to get them into the flow of things offensively.
Steve Clifford, Charlotte Hornets Head Coach: Your shooting is your spacing.
Mike Rhoades, Rice Head Coach: Develop a personal board of directors. Who do you call for advice? Basketball advice? Program advice? Career advice?
Brian Kelly, Notre Dame Head Football Coach: The best part about bringing in new personnel is it challenges your thinking/the way you do things because you have to answer “Why do you do it that way?” honestly. That kind of turns it upside down a bit.
What Brad Stevens learned from Todd Lickliter: How much preparation it takes to run a short practice. Spending so much time and thought thinking about what exactly you need to cover and nothing more.
Lorenzo Romar, University of Washington Head Coach: I’ve never heard from a guy in his 5th year tell me that he regrets redshirting.

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