Analytics: Three-Point Defense Re-Post

Available below to read/download is a series of articles that came out in early 2012 that significantly altered the way I view the defensive side of the ball and radically changed how I read a boxscore. While these articles can be a little dense at points, what Ken Pomeroy and Dan Feldman point out is essential knowledge for coaches at all levels. I have attempted to summarize their points below, but I encourage you to print out the 15-page document below to read yourself as well as the newsletter produced by the company Group Stats in July 2013 on the subject

-Through various statistical measures that cite a lack of consistency from one stretch of the season to the next, a team has very little control of the percentage their opponents shoot from 3.
-The defense’s primary role in 3-point defense is to limit the number of looks an opposing team gets
-Teams have much more control over how many 3-pointers their opponents shoot than how many they make.

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