On the Recruiting Trail With SDSU

I enjoyed this day-in-the-life piece on San Diego State assistant coach Justin Hutson. The author tags along with Hutson for a day in Las Vegas during the last of the 3 “evaluation periods.” Some really good stuff here from Hutson and San Diego State head coach Steve Fisher on how tough it is to project how a 16-year-old will develop, “team” recruiting, trusting one’s own evaluation, and the concept of “baby-sitting” a prospect. Thanks to Dominic Amorosa (Strake Jesuit) for passing it along. For another inside look at recruiting, check out Mark Emmert’s piece on how our 2015 recruiting class came together.

Hutson is SDSU’s recruiting coordinator and maybe the top evaluator on the West Coast (two words: Kawhi Leonard). “Recruiting,” he is fond of saying, “is an art, not a science. You can try to make it a science, with charts and stats and stuff, but they’re people. Young people.”

Hutson pauses and shakes his head.

“How are you going to make young people into a science?”


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