September Coaching Nuggets

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I got a chance to spend some time talking/studying some some great coaches this past month. Below are the favorite things I stole:

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Mike Rhoades (head coach, Rice University): Take a football approach and designate one of your assistants as your team’s “Offensive Coordinator” and another as your “Defensive Coordinator.” It clarifies purpose and simplifies scouting.
Rick Majerus (former head coach, Utah/Saint Louis): Don’t turn the page so fast that you can’t read (slow down your teaching). Make sure your players understand how what you’re teaching them applies to the entire game.
Adam Finkelstein (recruiting analyst, ESPN): You can’t properly evaluate how hard a recruit plays by watching him in his biggest game of the year (every kid plays hard in championship games).
Pete Carroll (head coach, Seattle Seahawks): Intentionally didn’t turn on air conditioner in the dorms at rookie minicamp (undrafted free agents). First person to complain was cut.
Jim Boone (head coach, Delta State): You can’t play transition defense in transition (sprint back!).
Brad Stevens (head coach, Boston Celtics): To get a team in rotation, you need to put two on the ball. The easiest way to do this is to have a great player, the second easiest is to ball screen. If a perimeter player isn’t a good ball screen player (not skilled enough/not a good enough ball-handler), have him play off handbacks instead (throw it to a stationary big and come off for a handoff).
Phil Jackson (former head coach, Los Angeles Lakers/Chicago Bulls): The coach that is most malleable (adaptable) is the coach that will have the most success in the playoffs (said this in April to Steve Kerr prior to Golden State’s championship run).
Steve Clifford (head coach, Charlotte Hornets): Regardless of scheme, how much you help is everything.
Steve Donahue (head coach, UPenn): Team open gym is played with a 24-second shot clock.
Ken Pomeroy (founder, Good 3-point shooting teams have good shooters, while good 2-point shooting teams have a good offense. (really good article)
Josh Schertz (head coach, Lincoln Memorial): In recruiting, we are constantly looking for skilled offensive players who can “slide up a position defensively” (an offensive 3-man who can guard 4’s, an offensive 5 who can protect the rim, etc). We love big wings.

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