The Professionalization of Malik Monk

Too much too soon?
A marked difference between this generation’s basketball players and those that came before it is the specific and intentional branding process that they undergo while still in high school. As a result of social media, an influx of money, and more/earlier media coverage, the hype surrounding the country’s top basketball players by their senior years is immense. Evin Demirel of SB Nation does a good job examining Malik Monk, 5th on ESPN’s Top 100, as a recruiting battle and a branding process swirls around him.

It is all part of the plan, another step on a path leading to far more television camera lights. Marcus has also worked with Malik’s screen presence by already launching On the website and corresponding YouTube channel, MalikAMonk, the brothers have produced a three-part documentary-style series called “The Journey.” In a series of short clips, Malik and Marcus discuss his high school basketball season, practice habits, his teammates, their upbringing in Lepanto and other topics. The camera follows Malik through his practice drills to show his dedication to the craft. All the time, Marcus emphasizes the process, not end goal, in their partnership. “I may try to help him build a platform,” Marcus says, but it’s up to Malik to build his own brand through his own hard work and actions.


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