Herm Edwards on Going Undrafted

Herm Edwards can be a bit much times, but I really liked this SportsCenter piece from him on the challenges an underrated free agent has entering his first NFL training camp. Edwards, an undrafted player himself, has some great words of advice to any athlete trying to establish himself in a new culture. A link to the 90-second video is below.

“My mindset was this: Every day in camp or practice, I’m going to make a play. I’m going to deny them the ability to cut me. They’re not going to cut me. Every day I walked in that door, I knew I could be cut. I played that way for 10 years. I went to practice like that every day for 10 years, knowing I’ve got to do something good today. I’ve got to become a better player. I’m a free agent. They look at me a little different than everybody else. Even though I made the team and was the starter as a rookie, I never missed a game, I never missed a practice, that was a fuel that lit my fire every day I walked into that building.”


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