Free Throw X

Going into my senior year at Fordham University, where I worked as a student manager with the basketball team, Jared Grasso (the interim head coach) brought in his old college coach Joe DeSantis. Coach DeSantis was with us for the last four months of the season and it was one of the best things to happen to a young coach trying to learn as much as possible. Coach wasn’t great with technology so he would read me his scouting reports to type up (personnel) and put into Fast Draw (offensive strategies). Coach DeSantis was a “Coach’s Coach” and had a million little strategies (knowledge of the possession arrow, a fake timeout call, faking zone to play man, etc.) to steal a point here and there. One of his favorites was the “Free Throw X” shown below.

It’s a screen play of sorts. One player is designated the screener and on the shooter’s release, he darts across the lane as is teammate loops over the top to the front of the rim. Will Brown‘s Albany teams do this in our league. Mark Turgeon has done it for a number of years going back to his days at Texas A&M. Phil Martelli has done it (still does it?). Take a look…

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