Bill Snyder’s 16 Goals

Bill Snyder, Kansas State’s head football coach, is one of my favorite coaches to study because of his ability to sustain success at the highest level in a tough job. Snyder’s program operates with the utmost integrity and the article below explains a little bit of how he does that in describing the “16 Goals” Snyder laid out at his first meeting at Kansas State. As you can see, those goals are still a large part of Snyder’s program to this day. The article does a nice job introducing the concept, but what’s really neat is how Kansas State’s athletic department has made a video explaining each goal, the video playlist is linked below.

“I’m not so sure that statistics win ballgames for you. I don’t think many coaches really believe in that. I think we’ve been– a lot of things happen. I think we’ve had good fortune. I think our youngsters have played hard,” Snyder said. “We’re fortunate to be where we are. I certainly understand that, can appreciate that … There’s not a great deal of thought given to what’s happened in the first six ballgames, other than mistakes that we’ve made and how we might improve on those and get them corrected.”


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