“Mindset” Podcast with Carol Dweck

One of the most influential coaching/teaching books of the 2000’s has been Mindset by Carol Dweck. Dweck’s social psychological research into the fixed/growth mindset has altered the coaching landscape and has given her readers pause in regards to how they praise and criticize their students/athletes. If you have not read Mindset, I highly recommend you do so (it sells for less than ten bucks on Amazon).

The link below is a podcast produced by the guys at Sports Coach Radio. All of their podcasts are available on iTunes and they are a good follow on Twitter as well. Thanks to Jim Engles of NJIT for passing this resource along to me.

Great stuff here from Dweck on:

-Review of the difference between the Growth/Fixed Mindset
-Thoughts on how we, as coaches/teachers, could attempt to shift the mindset
-How we have confused a nurturing atmosphere with low standards + excessive praise
-Why your most skilled players are often defensive
-An acknowledgement of the role of talent


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