JJ Watt: Good is the Enemy of Great

Great answer by JJ Watt yesterday at the Houston Texans mini-camp when a reporter asked him what he said to the other players after they wrapped up practice:

“I just talked at the end of practice today and I told the guys that good is the enemy of great. Never be satisfied with anything, never be happy with just good. Every single day you need to do something to make yourself better than everybody else and that’s the only way we’re going to improve. We can’t be satisfied with just being good. You can’t go to your workout and just go through the motions and be happy with what you’re doing. Every single day we need to be the best we can possibly be. That means when you’re back home, when you’re on your own, when you’re doing whatever workout you’re doing, you need to remember that you’re part of this Texans, you represent the city of Houston and that you need to do every single thing that you need to get yourself ready for training camp so that when this season comes, we’re ready to hit the ground running. Because that’s our style: we’re gonna work our asses off to be a great football team.”

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