Izzo Cheering on Former Players Green & Randolph

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 1.25.56 AMI love this article on Tom Izzo traveling to Memphis to cheer on two of his former players, Zach Randolph and Draymond Green, who are matched up against each other in the Western Conference Semifinals.

“Both of them have that one intangible that I think — both of them want to win,” Izzo said. “Zach doesn’t get enough credit for that. Draymond gets all the credit for that. But they are two guys that compete about as hard as any I’ve had. And Zach was like that here. He was great locker room guy. He was a great guy. Draymond, you know what he was like.

“Two guys that probably stand for what this program stands for — toughness. I don’t care who you talk to, Zach’s one of the toughest cookies in the jar.”


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