The Greatest Teammate Ever

When examining the Michigan State Spartans, the nation’s #1 team, it might be easy to quickly glance over Tum Tum Nairn and instead focus on Miles Bridges (17 PPG; 7.8 RPG) or Cassius Winston (13.1 PPG; 7.1 APG). Nairn (1.3 PPG) is only a blip on the radar in MSU’s box scores, but Tom Izzo doesn’t call him one of Michigan State’s most important players because of his stats. Nairn is known as one of the best perimeter defenders in the country and had maybe the greatest compliment one could ever receive bestowed on him by his Hall of Fame coach when Izzo called him “the greatest ever.” The article on Nairn that’s linked below might be a good one to pass along to your players. Look below for the article on how Michigan State’s leadership legacy has been passed down for the last 25 years.

A great leader, according to Nairn, is someone who’s extremely self-disciplined and self-motivated. “You have to be a servant first,” says Nairn, who plans to be a pastor whenever his basketball career is over. “And you have to meet people where they are — you can’t talk to different people with different skills the same way.”


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